Wacom ExpressKey Remote

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Optimize your workflow. Use up to five ExpressKey™ Remotes at a time, one for each of your favorite applications.

The wireless ExpressKey™ Remote is designed for efficiency and comfort. Its set of 17 customizable buttons and Touch Ring put instant, time-saving shortcuts for all your favorite creative applications in your hand. Connect up to five ExpressKey™ Remotes at a time – one for each of your creative software applications – to optimize your workflow. Compatible with Wacom Cintiq Pro or Cintiq pen displays, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro or Cintiq Companion Pen computers, and Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets.

Compatible with:

  • Wacom Cintiq® Pro DTH-1320, DTH-1620
  • Wacom MobileStudio Pro DTH-W1320, DTH-W1620
  • Wacom Intuos® Pro PTH-660, PTH-860
  • Intuos® Pro PTH-451, PTH-651, PTH-851
  • Wacom Cintiq® DTK-2700, DTH-2700, DTK2100, DTK-2200, DTH-2200, DTH-1620, DTH-1320, DTH-1300, DTH-A1300, DTH-W1310
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